Pleurotus citrinopileatus
Gele oesterzwam (Dutch)
Golden oyster
Tamogitake (Japans)


The golden oyster mushroom is one of the most beautiful among the mushrooms.
Native to the forested, subtropics of southern Japan and China, growing on hardwoods like oaks, beech, poplars and elms.
This mushroom is better suited for breeding in warmer climates, or during the summer months in temperate regions.
Cover inoculated logs during the winter months with leafs or put them in a barn, they need just a little more care.

For fast results, grow them on straw during the summermonths, ratio 20% rye-spawn/dry straw.

Medicinal properties: reducing of cholestorol, like Pleurotus ostreatus

Preperation and flavor: This mushroom is bitter when lightly cooked, when stir-fried on high heat for 15 minutes the cashew-like flavor develops.